W.R. Henderson Construction, Inc.
(1978 – Present)

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W.R. Henderson Construction, Inc.™ has been building conventional and renewable energy projects for the past two and a half decades for military, industrial and commercial customers. Projects include auxiliary power systems, solar photovoltaic systems for the U.S. Government beginning in the 1990’s, power generation, battery and other backup power systems for industrial, commercial and military clients.

In the mid to late 2000’s, W.R. Henderson Construction, Inc.™ started focusing on designing, building, owning and managing its own projects, the Company also began leveraging its extensive construction experience into the energy sector.

WRH Power Systems™ was formed to provide design, construction, financing, leasing and operation and maintenance options to a broader customer base for conventional and renewable power generation projects, including solar photovoltaics, landfill gas, biogas, battery storage and other integrated renewable-based power projects.

As we move away from pure fossil fuel power generation to lower energy density renewable power sources, battery storage, renewable energy blending with thermal power generation, other innovative production,  transmission, and distribution practices are required.

WRH Power Systems™, is dedicated to the research, development, and commercialization of conventional and renewable energy technologies, including automated asset control systems, project simulation, design, and project enhancement for existing assets. WRH Power Systems™ addresses a growing global demand for distributed power using islanded and microgrid power systems to increase reliability and lower operating costs.


W.R. Henderson Construction, Inc.™ has had a strong presence in government and military projects since the late 1970’s, with an exceptional understanding and compliance history with applicable FAR provisions.

W.R. Henderson Construction, Inc.™ has completed numerous projects at The Tonopah Test Range in Nevada, as well as many other projects for the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines at various locations throughout the Western United States.


W.R. Henderson Construction, Inc.™ has completed numerous industrial projects throughout the Western United States. Some of these projects include water and wastewater treatment facilities, solid waste transfer stations, military backup power systems, spillway and basin renovation projects, water storage facilities, campgrounds and bridges among others.

Many of these industrial projects were completed in environmentally sensitive areas and areas where labor and materials were difficult to obtain. W.R. Henderson Construction, Inc.™ has thrived on completing challenging and often complex industrial projects located in remote areas with demanding schedules.


W.R. Henderson Construction, Inc.™ has completed numerous commercial projects throughout the Western United States. These projects range from medical clinics, visitor centers, office buildings to student and mine-site housing. More recently, the company completed a 900-bed student housing project for Brigham Young University-Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho as well as a storage and operations facility for the U.S. Forest Service in Driggs, Idaho.

W.R. Henderson Construction, Inc.™ is regularly contacted to bid on challenging commercial projects often located in remote areas with demanding schedules. After 35 years of predominantly undertaking fixed bid and design build projects in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wyoming, the company has shifted its focus mainly to design build lease and build own and operate contracts.


W.R. Henderson Construction, Inc.™ has performed work for mining companies over the past thirty years and currently owns aggregate and mineral properties in the Western United States. WRH Nevada Properties, LLC, an affiliate company of W.R. Henderson Construction, Inc.™, owns approximately 825,000 acres of deeded mineral properties within thirteen counties of Western Montana. Western Montana regional features include apparent deep-seated continental-scale structures, such as the Lincoln Volcanic Center and the Lewis and Clark Lineament, controlling precious and base-metal mineralization across wide areas of the WRH Nevada Properties, LLC holdings.

A diverse range of mineral deposit types have been recognized throughout western Montana including: (1) porphyry-style, precious metal-rich, copper-molybdenum deposits and associated skarns,(2) large tonnage gold-silver deposits recoverable via gravity and/or bioleaching methods, (3) narrow, high grade gold-silver vein/lode deposits, (4) polymetallic vein/lode deposits, replacement deposits, sediment-hosted copper-silver stratabound SHC/Spar Lake type deposits, and Sedimentary exhalative deposits. Also, an excellent potential exists for discovery of economic deposits of industrial minerals and metals such as barite, garnet, cobalt and rare earth elements.

WRH Nevada Properties, LLC has digitally compiled the exploration records and assembled an interactive GIS Map of the 825,000 acres of deeded mineral properties and nearby lands. The digital database includes approximately 475 known mine sites and prospects and currently consists of over 350 GB of digital data. The interactive GIS and digital database became fully operational in 2017. The geologic database includes digital reproductions of all pertinent exploration reports, maps, field notes and sketches, drill logs, assays, and other technical data from mineral properties and regional exploration programs within and adjacent to the 825,000 acres of deeded mineral rights. The WRH Nevada Properties, LLC database consists predominantly of internal company reports and data, of which a substantial portion is owned exclusively by WRH Nevada Properties, LLC and is not available in the public domain.